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A N  E V E N I N G  O F


W I T H  U K  M E D I U M

 A N D Y  B Y N G 

 T U T O R  O F  T H E  A R T H U R  F I N D L A Y  C O L L E G E 

O R G A N I S E D  B Y  S P I R I T U A L I S T  S O C I E T Y  O F  B U R L I N G T O N 

D O W N L O A D  T H E  L I V E ,  U N E D I T E D ,

 R E C O R D I N G  T O D A Y !

$10  C A D


Andy’s greatest passion has always been to publicly demonstrate his mediumship, and to teach others how to develop their own gifts.


Although Andy had been aware of the spirit world from a young age, he did not begin to develop his mediumship until he was eighteen-years-old. Andy completed most of his mediumistic development at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, where he is now a tutor and course organiser.


Although Andy currently lives in Birmingham (UK), his work as a Spiritual Medium and Psychic takes him across the world.  Andy’s passion and dedication to the spirit world is clear. He works tirelessly to reunite people with their loved ones, and to teach others how to develop their own mediumship.


Andy has spent six years studying the philosophy and history of mediumship at university. In 2010, Andy began studying at King's College London. He graduated from King's in 2013 with a BA in religion, philosophy and ethics. In 2016, the University of London awarded Andy his Master’s degree, which he passed with distinction. Andy shares this knowledge with his students, as he strives to give them a rounded spiritual education. 

Andy continues to dedicate his life to the art of mediumship, and to spreading the message of the spirit world. 



A good demonstration of mediumship will move the whole audience. Through the use of factual pieces of information, it is our job to tell the story of how your loved ones lived and expressed themselves during their physical lives. 


 For me, there is nothing quite like it - laughter, joy and sometimes tears of sadness, it shows us that our loved ones who have passed away are still human, that they have not changed but are the same people, who still love us and are only but a thought away." 


- Andy byng. 

During the evening, Andy and the spirit world work together to tell the life story, or part of the life story, that your loved one wants to express. This is so that you know they are still a part of your life, and so they can communicate a message of love and encouragement to you so that you may move forward with the different obstacles and struggles that you face within your own life. 

Not everybody attending the evening will receive a message, and it is up to those in the spirit world to decide who will communicate. By being part of the evening you will be able to share the joy of other people's messages, and share in the wonder of spirit communication. 

Doors will open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.
Admission is $30 in advance and $40 on the door.


For those who are not able to attend the evening in-person, but would still like to be part of the demonstration and share and witness the other participants' communications from the spirit world, the event will be live-streamed so that you can watch in real-time.

The evening will also be recorded, and available to view for 30 days after the event. This means that you can watch the demonstration at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. 

The recording will be available to those who have purchased an In-Person, or Online-Streaming, ticket.



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