"To live a good life is to apply the knowledge one has gained, to be inspired by the human relationships one has shared, and to always be guided by love. "

- Andy Byng

Andy promotes the sharing of knowledge to further the understanding of Mediumship, and subjects in related fields.


In his endeavor to do this, Andy has made available to download a selection of his lectures, articles, and short-talks.


All of the content that is available to download is copyrighted. If you would like to perform or present this content in any way, then please contact Andy directly for permission.  



Mediumship: The Power of the Story. 
Me, Myself and I: Personal Development and Mediumistic Unfoldment. 
Sitting in the Power: Meditation and the Development of Mediumship
Beaten by the Facts: A R Wallace and his Conversion to Spiritualism. 
What is the Meaning of My Life? Mediumship and Meaning.

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